Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Social Heirarchy

The social heirarchy is what I call society. It fits somewhere in between these two extremes:

A top-down, 'dictatorship'

A decentralised heirarchy containing only families (as human babies are born dependant on others, it is currently an unavoidable to have these type of social units).

Now ideally, everbody should be at the top of the heirarchy, but this is impossible. The only way it can be done, is if there is no heirarchy at all. First you have to eliminate the heirarchy by making each individual as powerful as the other, so none can attack the other without immediate retaliation. It's kind of like how the USA and USSR were in a cold war. If one nuked the other, the other would immediately retaliate, destroying them both. Thus, this is the only way peace was achieved.

So, here we have the best situation. No social heirarchy, all defences against the other equal, no power imbalance, no statism or other stupid ideologies forced on people and anarchy.

Some people may want to stay in the heirarchy, but as I said in my previous post (Virtual Communities) - you can still share information/trade with others yet not be part of any heirarchy. The worst heirarchies, however, are forced on the individual (parent-child, cop-'citizen', government-individual, etc).


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