Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bionic eye

"Bionic" Contact Lens May Create Tiny Personal Displays
Joab Jacksonfor
National Geographic News
January 29, 2008

A new contact lens embedded with electronic circuits could be the seed for "bionic eyes" that can see displays overlaid on a person's field of view, researchers say.

The minute circuitry could aid the vision-impaired or could be used to create tiny but discernible readouts offering data such as driving directions or on-the-go Web surfing.

I heard about this a while ago. But what I imagine these things could be used for would be to have an endless stream of information based on your personal data all streamed directly via wi-fi to your field of vision. Life would be made so much easier with more efficient personal digital assistants - entropy would be turned to extropy and so on.


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