Thursday, October 08, 2009

"Traded like cattle"

Modern Debt Slavery

Slavery is a form of forced labor in which people are considered to be, or treated as, the property of others. Slaves are held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and are deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to receive compensation (such as wages). Evidence of slavery predates written records, and has existed to varying extents, forms and periods in almost all cultures and continents. In societies today, slavery exists as a legal institution or socio-economic system where people are no longer people, but Human Resources. Today's society is living proof that we are all victims of Debt and Slavery. We currently possess the technology and resources to free mankind from servitude, yet we do not, because human manipulation is currently more favourable as it offers a method of control.

The current system, is a system of corporate legal processes, which should be properly distinguished from Lawful processes. Many people falsely believe that the "Legal" system and the "Lawful" system are both the same, this is false.

The Legal system, comes from a seperate society than the one you know, this is the Law Society. Barristers, corporate entities, etc, use a language called "Legalese" which, though similar in sound to english, is actually not the same. You can learn more about Legalese by checking wikipedia or google. Or watch It's An Illusion on your tube or on this site.

It is this "Legal" lingo, that causes mass confusion against the population of people like you and me as certain words which we might perceive to be normal english, actually have dual or sometimes completely different meanings. It is this language that is used against the people to maintain this system of slavery because a). they do not fully understand it. and b). because it can confuse the common person into agreeing to certain terms and conditions which once signed into a contract, become an inescapable trap.

It is the Bankers, who, through utilizing their lawyers and the "Legal" process (not lawful) in conjunction with Political entities who work for the interests of the banks, that allows the system of debt slavery to exist.

In today's society, we are not "people" we are "Numbers" we are "atm cards" we are in fact, "Currency". It is WE who are traded as a currency, traded like cattle. The current uncaring system has time only for those who have made success in the monetary system, and even then, these people will cut each others throats for more, and those who have not succeeded, are considered rejected and thrown to the gutters to die homeless and hungry and cold. This current system of socially offensive competition, destroys empathy and compassion, as each person is forced to compete against the next for their life and livelihood.

How does society treat these people? Society has been indoctrinated to believe that these people are "failures" and "Unworthy of life" hence the often hurtful responses such as "get a job" or "get a life". But what society doesn't actually realize, is that if at any point, the private banking cartels decide to withdraw the money supply, then many members of society can potentially end up in the same gutter that they have looked down into. Take Americas Tent Cities for example. A collection of once proud middle class earners, now shown the door by those who they put their faith in to protect them.

Many people, falsely believe that the European Central Bank, is owned, run and governed by the laws of the nations of the European Union. This in fact, is NOT the case. The European Central Bank, is a "Privately Owned" corporation, it writes it's own legislation, and answers to no nations law.

What is most shocking, is that 90% of people asked are under the impression that it is The Government that prints the nations money, when in fact it is not. For those of you who do not fully understand, this is how it "Really" works.

Your government must "Borrow" it's own money from the European Central Bank, and every penny borrowed by your state, must be repaid "at interest". So where does the interest come from? It comes from "You" the taxpayer, it comes from the millions of small and family owned businesses etc. Where do YOU get the money to pay the debt? Well you get it from the central bank, so in essence, you are repaying debts that can never be repaid, because you are paying back to the banks, the very money that they gave you in the first place. So when your governments borrowing becomes a problem, it is left to you the taxpayer to repay any shortfall in interest owed to the banks, not to mention the many many dodgy dealings that your government colluded with that has left the taxpayer paying substantial bad debts left behind by wealthy businessmen who simply leave you to pay the bills for their failures. The Taxpayer is simply here to carry burden, little more. We are slaves, not just to our own debts, but to the debts built up by squandering governments and property developers. And how do they get out of this? They resort to lawyers and the "Legalese" language to write up yet more impressive and confusing inescapeable contracts that make more empty promises to get us out of the debt we are in. But the debt can never end, because it is what keeps the bank in control. Banking systems maintain control of nations and their people by debt. Think of this when you are applying for your "credit card".

The European Central Bank, and The Government, live in a system where they will always live in a situation of plenty, while those already struggling to survive, are always left to pay the debts. This is a system of perpetual debt, that can never be fully repaid. The system locks you, and your children, and their children, into a forever turning carrousel of debt, for the sake of keeping other people at the top, in situations of power, wealth and corruption.

The ordinary people of Ireland, are perpetual slaves, and your government and every public service department in your country are made up of a series of "Privately Owned Corporations" Your Government, are merely only the Parent Corporation to these. But none of these corporation actually answer to your government.

According to "The Legal" process, when you "register" your child, you are agreeing to hand ownership of them to the state. In fact what you are doing, is prearranging their acceptance of a society they do not know, and agreeing to allow them to become "liable" for the debts of society, which we all know, are never ending.

When you "register" anything with the state, you hand ownership to them. Keep this in mind.



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