Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The spectrum of force

So I got paid a visit from someone hired by the "Australian Electoral Commission" (Nazi-scum) to update the electoral rolls. When I refused to fill out a form, she threatened police intervention if I don't comply. I consider this the same as a death threat.

Someone who threatens force to get others to obey is essentially threatening to murder that person. If I refuse to submit, then force must be used. The highest degree of force is murder.

Of course, it rarely comes to that because most people either submit or are taken down with much lesser forms of force (hence why police use pepper spray). But if I was too effective at defending myself, then it would resort to deadly force.

Therefore, all force is on the same spectrum - from threat to actual murder. Those who threaten force and are willing to use it are ultimately putting a claim on your life.


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