Monday, June 18, 2007

Court speech

Well court again soon and it may mean jail for me this time so I'll post a transcript of the speech that I'm going to give (and hopefully not interrupted during it):


What happened was - that I was driving along the highway, minding my own business and doing nothing wrong whatsoever, when I was pulled over by the police for no reason at all. There is a thing called "JUST CAUSE" - basically it means you have to have a good reason. Just Cause was invented so the police don't abuse their powers. For example, raiding your house or stopping you and searching you whenever they feel like it. Of course they can use a blanket excuse for this - such as it is always possible, that I have drugs, guns or a nuclear bomb in my possession. These police use the excuse that anyone at any time could be driving while intoxicated and be a danger to society. But they never have any proof - it is just a sneaky way to deprive people of their freedom and create a police state.

Yet I have no intention of challenging the state in any way. I am just trying to live my own life and make a living. I even asked a previous judge if I could obtain a work permit to drive. As all I use my car for is to go to work and get groceries. I am no danger to anyone. Yet the judge refused and did not give any reason why. This makes life very difficult for me as I have to travel many different places as part of my job - and using public transport is very inconvenient and adds many more hours of travel time. I don't know why I should have to do that when I have a functioning car and no record of having caused an accident.

Although I know that pleading is useless as the whole court game is designed so that the state wins and I lose. I am nobody - a completely powerless individual. The state has manpower, vehicles, popular support, guns, pepper spray, bullets, batons, jails, guns and more guns. As Mao Zedong said: "Political power comes through the barrel of a gun". There is the perverse thrill that comes from domination and it is shown by this power exchange. If I ever tried to resist state coercion I would end up with a bullet in my head. That's the way the system works. Hundreds of people go through the court system every year. And the result is always the same. I can only plead guilty or not guilty. But that is not what counts. It is what I plead "innocent" or "guilty" to. I may be pleading innocent or guilty to any matter of absurd things when you look at it objectively. An historical example is the trials people had for witchcraft. The similarity is that it was all based on current beliefs. Because the fact is that the law is not a science. They are the opinions of a small group of very powerful people. These people got into power via a very corrupt system (I refer you to the Albert Langer case about preferential voting a few years ago). The point is that the way things are run are not at all fair. They are run through the threat of violence and mob rule. And again - I am just an individual - I have no chance against such overwhelming odds except to avoid it as best as I can.

So the real reason I am here is because if I didn't turn up then a warrant would be issued for my arrest. Then what could happen is people armed with guns would go to my house and force entry if they have to - or force me to pull over if I'm driving. They would then force me to go with them. If I resisted then they would use escalating violence - depnding on how far I was willing and capable of resisting. the ultimate level of violecne they would use is to end my life. Probably with a bullet to the head and my brains and bits of my skull splattered all over the place. So really I am here under the threat of death - for a "victimless crime" - and I am considered the criminal?...

Hence, the law. The law is words - written, typed or spoken. The theory is based on the original law document called the constitution. The constitution says that if I was born on a particular piece of dirt I am a slave to the state so long as I remain there. This is not based on reality. It is just words. Otherwise i would go and live on a desert island somehwere where people would leave me alon. The only thing that makes the law real is people willing to sue violence to enforce it - no matter what it is they are enforcing.

Which brings us to the sentence. Now that I have spoke my mind - I fully understand that you as the Judge wil give me the worst penalty that you can hand down as I didn't act as submissive as you expected. But I really did not know what else to say. You may say I don't take any responsibility for my actions but I am always fully responsible for what I do unlike you who can escape responsibility frequently as you can impose very severe costs on many other people and yet absolutely no repercussions at all to yourself.

I am no criminal - in the true definition of a criminal - one that threatens or uses force against property or persons (for example rapists, murderers, theives, robbers, thugs, kidnappers, frauds, extortionists, etc).

The fact is that the monopoly over the roads is not a natural monopoly. Governments built the roads using funds they stole in the name of taxation. And so the only efficient way of transport is via commandeering your own vehicle - as no alternative exists yet. In the future, there may be self driven cars - but that is still many years away. And if you remember, one of the UN Declarations of Human Rights is that everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state (article 13). By preventing me from driving - you are severely restricting my freedom of movement.

So I will not enter a plea. I do not see the point. The state will keep taking advantage of it's power by abusing everyone they can. As long as they can get away with it. Having a monopoly on justice will do that. The state will not last forever anyway - evolution of technology and hence the freedom of the individual through technological means will put an end to state control. So fine, convict, extend my disqualification period, order me into some kind of discipline program, jail me, etc. I no longer have any fear of torture, humiliation or death. In the end it won't make any difference.

And that is all I have to say for now.



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