Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Anarchist Banker by Fernando Pessoa

Tyranny was created?... How was tyranny created?

- In the following manner... Some bossed others and led them where they wanted to; some imposed themselves on others and made them into what they wanted; some would scam others into doing what they wanted. I'm not saying they did this in serious things; really, there were no serious things there to be done. But the truth is that this happened always and everyday, and not only in propaganda-related subjects, but outside of them as well, in trivial everyday things. Some would unconsciously become bosses, others unconsciously subordinates. Some were bosses by imposition; others were by schemes. This was seen in the simplest of acts. For exemple: two of the guys would be going down a street together; they'd reach the end of the street, and one would have to go right and the other left; it was conviniente for each one to go in his particular direction. But the one that went left would tell the other , "come with me this way''; the other replied, and rightly, "Man, I can't; I have to go that way'' for some reason or another... But ultimately, against his will and convinience, there he'd go left with the other... This was once due to persuasion, another time by mere insistence, a third time for some other motive... This is, never because of a logical reason; there was always something spontaneous in this impostion and subordination, almost as if instinctive... And as in this clear example, in all other cases; from the least to the most important... Do you see what I'm getting at?

- Yes. But what the devil's so strange about that? It's the most natural thing...

- Is it? Let's see. What I ask you to notice is that it's completely contrary to anarchist doctrine. Notice that this took place in a small group, a group of no influence or importance, a group to which was not entrusted the solution to some grave question or decision about any dire matter. And notice that it took place within a group of people that united especifically to do whatever it could for the anarchist cause - i.e., to fight, as much as possible, the social fictions, and create, to a certain degree, future liberty.

Thanks to Acton from ASC for the above translation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly right. Leadership should be embarrassed and modest in teaching competence and duty. Loyalty to principle and ideal not MEN as has long been the norm. This is a discussion that few are interested in. The degeneration of human society into balance of power relations between gangster factions, Machiavellian succession and evolution of the world Jackboot seems inevitable. The so far unrealized ideal society can only come about IF we adopt a zeitgeist of Avatarism in which each and all learn Not to wait for some promised Messiah/Hollywood Hero to save them. "No no no it aint me babe, it aint me you're lookin' for babe". Ralph 124c41

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