Monday, March 31, 2008


A micronation is your own sovereign state that can be populated by only one person (theoretically).

Ok, so how do I do it? The aim should be to escape the control by living under the auspices of any authoritarian nation, by setting up your own.

Not many have succeeded in setting up a physical micronation (one that is not just virtual or done in principle) as either they are crushed by authoritarian states or simply just fail.

#You need to set your country up somewhere outside of the control of authoritarian states, as they have greater military power, you have no choice.

#Be able to trade with other nations to meet your micronation's requirements otherwise to set up your own industries.

#Sound infrastructure.

At the moment, doing that on your own is very difficult. There are not many prospects currently for joining any libertarian movements (ie Freedom Ship) either.

The best bet is, if you have the resources, to live out in the middle of nowhere (sea, desert)
or just live completely anonymously in an authoritarian state.

It is still a great ideal though.

Future technologies needed to easily setup a micronation would be cheap and efficient solar cells (energy production), global wi-fi (telecommunications) and nanofactories (manufacturing, agriculture). Too futuristic though, at this point (with exception to the solar cells maybe).


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