Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bicameral theory of mind

The Bicameral theory of mind was developed by Dr. Julian Jaynes (1920-1997).

A good summary of the different stages is written here:

1. Pre-conscious; Bicameral stage 1:
Automatic visions and voices tell you what to do. You automatically obey the "voices of authority." You think and speak like a slave. Obedience is paramount.

2. Proto-conscious; Bicameral stage 2:
Automatic feelings and thoughts tell you what to do. You behave like: (a) A true believer (sometimes a fanatic fighter for a "great cause"); or (b) A helpless wimp (languishing in apathy, sometimes complaining); or (c) A self-righteous preacher (making self "right" and others "wrong"); or (d) A macho rebel (compulsively fighting "the system," "the IRS," "the government"). Being "right" is paramount.

3. Conscious; Conscious stage:
You have largely mastered your feelings and emotions. You have the ability to critically examine every concept, every thought, every action. You strive to increase your competence in every aspect of your life. You carefully observe the results you produce, using that as feedback to improve your concepts, thoughts, communications, and actions. You live free and creatively - you are a Freeperson. Producing results is paramount.

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