Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Anarcho-socialism: presents wrong solution

Anarcho-socialism does present positive aspects which are abolishment of capitalism and voluntary associations.

The problem is that if production is organised socially it leads back to heirarchies and something akin to Stalinism.

It precludes individualism, since no individual can become a sole producer of all goods and services at present because of the high production costs.

As has probably been suggested by some who describe themselves as anarcho-socialists, advanced technology would be needed so that production of such things as food, housing, communications and other direly needed goods/services were decentralised and made extremely cheap to produce and therefore neglible.

Voluntary participations in communities would then be not an ideal, but an achievable reality (they cannot be voluntary as long as production is from scarce resources and/or organised along socially mandated lines).

This is not achievable at present so anarcho-socialism (along with anarcho-capitalism) becomes an unsolvable conundrum. Anarcho-capitalism because scarcity necessitates a resource war creating heirarchies with power an efficient means of control, and the same problem plagues anarcho-socialism.

There is only one solution - the only solution. And it is just a matter of time and patience to see if it can be implemented, mostly at an individual level but the social implications are just as interesting.


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