Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nanocomputers in human cells?

This concept lies well within futurism and science fiction at the moment, yet it is not impossible.

The premise is that you replace the nucleus of the human cell with a computer. This would perform all the functions like:

*Simulate the actions of RNA
*Maintain genetic code and implement the gene expression algorithms
*Construct amino acid sequences for genes

If we could program cells like computers, we would be able to eliminate DNA errors, stop viruses, bacteria and cancer cells as well as add new genetic information.

This won't be practical until nanotechnology gets more advanced and the computing technology used would have to be one that can perform calculations at a size of only a few nanometres.

Ref: Kurzweil, R (2005). The Singularity is Near. USA: Penguin Group. 232-236.


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