Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The evolution of depression

There is a great essay on it here but this is my summary:

Humans need the group to survive, because we are born dependant. Every group organises itself into heirarchies according to certain traits they have. An individual may struggle to move up the heirarchy (or even seperate from and/or create a new heirarchy) due to current circumstances that makes it impossible. Then depression kicks in.

Depression is a feeling of 'hopelessness' that is supposed to make you more dependant on others so that you fall back into your place in the social heirarchy so that you can survive.

I do not get depression, however, as I have learned how to defeat it so that it only rarely occurs. The only way for me to do it is to be completely purpose-driven, find every way to circumvent any psychological trap and to know what my goals are at any given time. That way, I'm continually building upon my personal enterprise (the name I give to my operations).

In regards to ways of circumventing certain psychological traps - this is actually a very complex series of steps that I cannot yet expand on until I find an appropriate outlet for it.

The closest example I can give is based on reverse thinking (ie. turning something bad into something good) is a book called Reject Me I love it! by John Fuhlman. There is much more to it than that, but this just gives the idea.

Also see this article.


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