Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stanford prison experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment was conducted in 1971 at Stanford University. It involved a simulation of a prison with college students picked to play prisoners or guards. This was a test to see what the psychology of the prisoner/guard dynamic was, and so people could use the results of this experiment in an attempt to provide clues to larger questions such as how things like the Holocaust or countless other historical accounts of large-scale abuses of human rights could've happened.

The results of the experiment, gave a clue to human nature and how certain systems work.

The reason it is relevant to freedom-seekers, is because it is important to "know thy enemy" and the kind of systems they operate under. Whether this knowledge is useful or not, it is perhaps better to be aware of it than to be in complete ignorance.

The official website of the Stanford Prison Experiment can be found here.


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