Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Slaves to genes

Information is what makes up the universe. Such as a rock. A rock may seem simple - but it's atomic structure is more computationally dense than a human being. Although all this computation is random - it has no order. If it wasn't for the finely tuned physical laws it wouldn't be what it is (as certain universes with a particular set of physical laws apparently give birth to more black holes and create more universes).

Anyway, unlike the rock, the chemistry that gave birth to DNA had an inbuilt, default purpose. The organism that the DNA gave instructions for either survived or not. If it didn't survive - then it would just die and become extinct. So, DNA only has survival traits built into it. Everything otherwise just dies.

So, I am designed as a gene replicator - a biological vessel to spread my genes. All the traits I have are survival promoting in some way, or survival promoting to the point where I can pass on my genes. Biology is only about preserving individual life long enough to ensure that genes are passed on and possibly survival of the tribe (such as the grandmother hypothesis -link-).

I hate the idea of being a slave to my genes. You just become conscious of it and hate being controlled in that way. It kind of destroys your identity and you become just another automaton.

The questioning process is what gave rise the spiritual process - the search for the meaning of it all. The religious may have gotten it right if they weren't blinded by their own dogma.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


How to be immortal (let's face it no one really wants to die)?

1) Have children/make history/work of art/invention - well, your DNA/meme survives but you still die.

2) Religion - empty promises...

3) Cryonic suspension - the odds aren't good but better than dying.

4) Surviving until the singularity (if it occurs within your lifespan).

Let's hope beyond hell the singularity will happen soon or at least the biotechnology revolution - which should extend human lifespans considerably. Nanotechnology will be the next step then AI leading to the singularity - giving us the technology to live indefinitely.

Good thing we're not alive 200 years ago otherwise you only have option 1 & 2, which aren't really options at all.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The spectrum of force

So I got paid a visit from someone hired by the "Australian Electoral Commission" (Nazi-scum) to update the electoral rolls. When I refused to fill out a form, she threatened police intervention if I don't comply. I consider this the same as a death threat.

Someone who threatens force to get others to obey is essentially threatening to murder that person. If I refuse to submit, then force must be used. The highest degree of force is murder.

Of course, it rarely comes to that because most people either submit or are taken down with much lesser forms of force (hence why police use pepper spray). But if I was too effective at defending myself, then it would resort to deadly force.

Therefore, all force is on the same spectrum - from threat to actual murder. Those who threaten force and are willing to use it are ultimately putting a claim on your life.

Augmented reality - soon?

Monday, March 12, 2007

TR10: Augmented Reality
Markus Kähäri wants to superimpose digital information on the real world.

By Erika Jonietz

Finding your way around a new city can be exasperating: juggling maps and guidebooks, trying to figure out where you are on roads with no street signs, talking with locals who give directions by referring to unfamiliar landmarks. If you're driving, a car with a GPS navigation system can make things easier, but it still won't help you decide, say, which restaurant suits both your palate and your budget. Engineers at the Nokia Research Center in Helsinki, Finland­, hope that a project called Mobile Augmented Reality Applications will help you get where you're going--and decide what to do once you're there.