Sunday, August 26, 2007

Eddie Mabo

Basically he said to the terrorcrats - you don't own this land that I have inherited and lived on all of my life.

Because when the British came, they claimed the land was 'empty'.

So he went to court and won on the grounds of common law.

But the terrorcrats bureaucratised the system of who gets native title claims.

They also - surprise, surprise - let them practice their traditional law as long as it doesn't conflict with civil law. ::)

Yet still, it's amazing that he even won to begin with.

What if, everyone one of us decided to challenge the state's 'jurisdiction', using something like the affidavit of truth ([url][/url]).

But it only worked for Mabo because he had a lot of people on his side.

When I say 'jurisdiction', I mean just over one thing. All you have to do is target one little area and the state would topple like a pack of cards.

One day they'll slip up and someone brave enough will jump at the opportunity and attack them at their weak spot.

That weak spot will be hard to find, because the state are usually pretty good at having all of their bases covered.

Legal systems across the world. Civil law is orange; other systems are common law (lavender), mixed civil and common law (purple), custom (yellow) and fiqh (green) [courtesy wikipedia].


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