Friday, January 16, 2009


Bovination is a Australian-based website that is divided into two sections. One section has a large glossary of political terms and what the 'real' meaning behind them is. The other section is a blog containing commentary on news articles, political issues and current events.

To get an idea of the tone of this website, here are some of their definitions:

Politics: The control of people.

An extension of
war by less violent means.
The original
politician was a caveman who bashed some other caveman's head in with a rock so he could steal his food and rape his woman. And politics has been thriving ever since. We now have larger social groups so that more powerful governments can control the population, and democracy, which provides a justification for their actions.

Democracy: Subjugation of the minority by the majority.

Love: The desire to control the another's reproductive future.

Welfare: The mechanism by which we subsidize poverty.

Subsidizing anything will create more of it.
If we subsidize public transport, we will have more public transport
If we subsidize nuclear reactors, we will have more reactors
If we subsidize single families, we will have more single families
If we subsidize house construction, we will have more house construction
If we subsidize tulips, we will have more tulips
If we subsidize poverty, we will have more poverty

Government: An organization which monopolizes coercion in a region.

I am huge fan of this website, so definitely go and check it out.


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