Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tax slave numbers under criminal "jurisdictions"

A Tax Slave Number (TSN) is a unique number criminals issue to individuals and organisations to help them administer extortion and other criminal activities.

Depending on the criminal organisation, this number may have a range of names, designations and different definitions for organisational purposes, yet the fundamental nature of it remains the same.

This number is first issued to most individuals within a certain criminal "jurisdiction", in their concentration campuses for mind destruction ("schools"). The reason for this is that children are more susceptible to manipulation than adults.

In order to get the "compliance" of their victims to go along with this extortion, criminals use several methods to implement and enforce this system. They will declare having or declaring a TSN "voluntary", yet claim to extort more value out of the individual if he/she does not submit to providing a TSN. They will also coerce their employer to make regular deductions out of their income. This forces the slave to make a claim, based on their terms, at the end of the "financial year" to try and get a portion of their money back (of course, this does not take into account any possible interest earned on that money nor the effect of inflation).

This TSN has many names or euphemisms - Social Security Number, Tax File Number, etc.

There are several ways to avoid being forced to submit to this coercive practice:

*Go along with their regime, which may allow certain loopholes for tax deductions (usually but not confined to a business entity).

However, due to the expenses that must be made in order to qualify for these tax deductions, this is only achievable to organisations that have alot of resource capital.

*Become an independent contractor and/or business and do not declare your income to the criminals.

The only risk of this practice is if the criminals track you down via their monitoring of financial systems and/or find incriminating evidence during a raid of your premises.

*Trade on the free market.

Another risky practice in certain situations. An informer may alert the criminals to your activities.


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